Pley, that hot start-up that rented Legos by the month inexplicably failed.

So yeah, I decided with WeWork and $TSLAQ and assorted unicorn b.s (like TIL that Softbank put $300M into a dog walking app can you believe that?) even though I’m busy with normal things, I am rekindling VCrap. On a whim I decided to look up a company I heard about a few years ago, a hot start-up that secured $6.75M series A …to rent Legos by the month.

That was in March 2014. In Feb, 2015, they scored a Series B for another $10M. 

In 2017, they were included in Disney’s “Toy Accelerator” or something but I guess it didn’t culminate in an acquisition, nor some idiotic IPO. Earlier this year, Pley unceremoniously closed its doors. I haven’t found any articles noting their demise.

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